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I would be more than happy to give a good word about the Alma suite and
about Ronen and his wife. the suite accommodated us greatly. There is a
leather sofa in the living room which opens up to a bed, however since we
did not have the use for it we did not open it up. I would imagine that 2
children could sleep on that. The only thing is I don't know if you wake up
from the sun in the morning, but there are only sheer curtains in the living
room and it does get light early in the morning in the summer, (my kids are
very sensitive to light and would wake up very early). Besides that we loved
being in Quesaria since we have relatives in Haifa and in the center so it
was half way to everywhere. Ronen and his wife are very nice people and
are very nice to deal with. We also like the premises, the indoor pool and
the mini golf and play ground for the children. The beach is in driving
distance but the board walk in Quesaria is beautiful and the beach is great
in the summer.
The only other down fall of the apartment is that the second bedroom has
just a dresser and not a closet and I don't know how much closet space you
would need for a long stay. The other bedroom has a very large closet so it
might be enough. The bedrooms are pretty small, but that is the "standard"
for Israeli apartment. Also, we did our laundry on the premises which is very
convenient and cheap.
All in all we had a great experience and would definitely use Ronen's suite
I hope I helped you, and I wish you a pleasant stay.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but I have been away for a
few days.
I would definitely recommend the Neot Golf apartment complex in Caesaria,
where I stayed. The complex is very well maintained and has great facilities
like the pools and tennis courts and outdoor play areas for kids - none of
which seemed too busy at that time of year at least. There is a synagogue
and a restaurant at the complex and positioned within the same building as
the apartment. The restaurant owner was also very friendly and allowed us
to take food up to the apartment some times.
The complex is also very well positioned within a short drive to Caesaria
harbour and all that it offers, as well as the supermarket and small shopping
centre 'Or-Akiva' in Orot, about a 7 min. drive away. It's very easy to
connect to the main highway from there too.
The apartment 'Suite Alma' was clean and well maintained and we were
very comfortable there. With four children, you will probably need to use the
sofa bed in the living room space, which may make it feel a little bit
cramped, but if you don't mind the squash, then I'm sure you'll find
everything else to your satisfaction. There is decent cupboard space in the
master bedroom, but the second bedroom has a double chest of drawers
and a double bed. There isn't really space for anything else.
One thing to mention is that the semi-circular design of the apartment
building means that noise from other balconies can intrude at times,
although I suppose that in the Summer months windows and doors will be
more closed with the need for a/c.
Ronen was very helpful throughout our stay and was happy to organise
help with transport to and from the airport, for example. He made us feel
very welcome.
The airconditioning worked well and we paid something for utilities at the
end of our stay, but it was reasonable as far as I can remember.
I hope this helps in your decision-making.
Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more info.
Best regards

Dear Quesaria Vacation Seekers

I am thrilled to write this testimonial acknowledging the superb experience
we had at Alma suites. Our familes secured three suites--all excellent with
televisions, sofas, fully equipped kitchens, two bedrooms, living room and
lovely balconies. The suites were roomy for families (significantly larger
than any hotel). We all found the air-conditioning to be powerful and
electricity costs quite reasonable.

The grounds are superb and secure. The kids enjoyed the swimming pool,
playground, and miniature golf. Plus for Shabbat we barbecued and
picnicked outdoors. The beach is in driving distance and within close driving
distance of major highways to Haifa and Tel Aviv.

The only negative may be the second bedroom did not have a closet ...and
if you're not use to living in an apartment complex-you may notice people
walking above you.

Ronen and his wife are extremely accommodating and gracious with high
degree of integrity.
Without a doubt, we would return to Alma Suites. We highly recommend
Alma Suites to all those vacationing in the Quesaria area.

Sybil Schwartz

Dear Ronen, It was so great to have you and your wife be a part of our
Israel vacation in February 2007. It was so nice to come to a nice warm and
very clean and organized apartment after a long flight and enjoy a hot cup
of coffee and cookies that were prepared for us in the kitchen.  Your Alma
suite was perfect for us and for our 2 girls who enjoyed the pool and mini
golf accommodations. It was so nice of you to bring to us in the middle of
the night a folding crib for our daughter that didn't agree to sleep in the
bed. We loved to have our breakfast on the balcony overlooking Quesaria's
water.  A few months ago my parents were visiting Israel and I referred them
to stay at the Alma suite and they also greatly enjoyed their stay. We have
family in the Haifa area and in the Tel-Aviv area, and Quesaria is in the
middle of the 2 parts of Israel, which makes travel very convenient.  We go
to Israel on a yearly basis and we will certainly stay at the Alma suites
again. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Regards,
Sharon and Ronen

I'm very happy to highly recommend Neot Golf as a holiday destination. The
website photos don't do justice to the place which is attractive and well
maintained.   There is a great sense of space and surprising quiet. The
apartment is cosy.  It had everything one needed and the bedrooms were
fine.  The fact that the pools are covered is perfect for the hot conditions -
and perfect for children.  The mini-golf and play areas gave a useful added
element of entertainment beyond the pool. Caesaria provides a beautiful
backdrop and the archeological site is immense and impressive.  The
beaches in the area were also great.   Caesaria is also a good base to
head north or south. Regards Michael