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As a major Mediterranean center, Tel-Aviv is a magnet for international tourism. Tel-Aviv has been called "the city that
never sleeps" due to its thriving nightlife and 24-hour culture. Tel-Aviv is celebrating 100 years these days !!

The city has a wide variety of restaurants offering traditional Israeli dishes as well as international fare. More than 100
sushi restaurants, the third highest concentration in the world, do business in the city, and an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv
was called the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

This is just a sample of great places to visit while in Tel-Aviv, which are all only a few minutes walk from our suite:

Tel Aviv Harbor was built in 1936 and extends over an area of 91 dunam. Since 1965, Tel Aviv Port has seized to operate
as a commercial port. Located on the shores of Tel Aviv between the blue sky above and the blue water below, Tel Aviv
Port is today a major entertainment and cultural center. Restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors and fashion shop now occupy
the renovated old warehouses. It's a great place to walk, dine, people-watch or even go fishing on the old pier. There is
something here for everyone: adults and children, locals and tourists.

Park Hayarkon is kind of the "central park" of Tel Aviv. It is, along with the beach, the major urban retreat inside the Tel
Aviv metropolitan, and a great place to hang out for the day. If you are a NY resident, you will surely be familiar with the
sights of people doing Yoga in the morning, jogging, cycling, and having a good time in general in this "mini-nature" retreat.
If you are coming with kids, there's plenty to see and do. If you are into kayaks or a relaxing motorboat cruise, there are
some rental points in the park, along the Yarkon River.

Neve tzedek (Oasis of Justice) is actually the first neighborhood of Tel-Aviv (since 1887). While the neighborhood has
gone yuppie in the past years, it has retained much of its old charm. Neve Tzedek is undoubtedly one of the most
beautiful areas in Tel Aviv. On your visit, make sure you don't miss the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre,
located in the heart of Neve Tzedek.

Dizengoff street is one of the most known streets in Tel-Aviv. The fame of this street is almost as old as Tel-Aviv itself.
Today Dizengoff has the best designer shops in Tel-Aviv.

Shenkin St. is one of the most popular streets in Tel Aviv, either for shopping or just for a coffee or light lunch.
The street is full of shops and cafés. Many Israeli designers have small shops there. Whether you are looking for a smart
suite or presents for your kids, you will have a wide selection on this street. Sheinkin St. is mostly recomended to go on
Fridays, as there's alot of happening !! Lots of people all over, Music (mostly when the wheather is good which is most of
the year), Lots of nice cafe's, nice shops and great atmosphere.

Carmel Market is the city's biggest marketplace, and a fascinating, enjoyable place to visit. It is basically one
crowded narrow alley with long line of colorful stalls standing on either side, and where vendors proudly (and loudly)
presenting their goods. Here you can find almost anything imaginable for the lowest prices in the city, from different kinds
of bread and pastry to delicious olives, dried fruits and exotic spices.

Nachlat Binyamin outdoor pedestrian mall certainly has got a special character. While the place is active all week long,
on Tuesdays and Fridays there is a special fair with many small stands in the middle of the mall with artists, semi-artists
and other characters selling their goods.

Banana Beach. This is a great beach. Often, sports events are shown in the evening on a screen. The beach is inviting and
very popular with hip mothers and the bohemian crowd. Great place to meet people, play backgammon, relax and read a
book. The staff is nice and friendly, good looking too. During the summer there are movies shown here on a huge screen
free of charge. (
Beach strip video)

Gordon and Frishman beach. This lovely stretch of sand is probably the most popular of Tel Aviv's beaches. In the
summer there are sometimes parties and events on the beach itself or nearby and in the winter people can enjoy a walk
down the beach and watch the waves crushing over the wave breakers. For a bit of sportive activity, try the volleyball
court just off Gordon Beach, and for a touch  of amusement for kids, try the beach playground off Frishman Beach.

Opera Tower shopping mall. Opera Tower is located on the promenade of Tel-Aviv at the end of Alenby street,
Hayarkon and Herbert samuel streets by the beach. On a hot sunny day it is a perfect place to take a break in a cool air
conditioning environment. The Tower has several restaurants, music and bookstores. On the first floor there are also
cinemas. The sunsets from the fountain at the Opera Tower in the evening are beautiful.

Kerem HaTeimanim, a sweet little neighborhood with narrow alleys and small houses. you can stop by for a short walk
in these appealing little streets, and also enjoy the Yemenite cuisine in the neighborhood's little restaurants, after your little
stroll, you ccould head down to the nearby banana beach for some sea breeze.

Allenby and Ben-Yehuda streets. The Allenby Street in Tel-Aviv is immensely popular both with tourists and the local
people alike for the wide range of articles it provides. At night, it is a great place to visit. With a host of pubs, nightclubs
and discotheques. Ben Yehuda is a long street that stretches from Aleenby street to the Namal (Tel Aviv Port). Offers
many bars, cafe's and restaurants among other local business.

Just keep on walking. There are planty of other great places to explore.

Enjoy your vacation. The HAPI team.